With the season well underway in the top divisions in England (round 3), Germany (round 2), France (round 3), Italy (round 1), Netherlands (round 3), Spain (round 1) and other European, Asian, American leagues it begs the question why is the transfer window still open??

It may seem like an even playing field as all clubs have the ability to buy and sell, however this prolonged transfer window can benefit rich clubs more than others. For example three games into the EPL season Everton regular and English international John Stones has handed a transfer request to try force through a last minute transfer to Chelsea (click here). In this example the Everton manager Roberto Martinez is put in a position where he has lost a starting defender and has to find a replacement, while preparing for a match that day (Wednesday) and on Saturday.

Instances like the one above happen every season, which raises the question how does a transfer window that intrudes into the start of a season benefit football? Wouldn’t it benefit the game more if FIFA protected smaller teams having their players poached by teams with deep pockets during the start of a season?

FIFA should create a global transfer window that benefit all or at least most teams and league by restricting club transfers to occur prior to most league seasons commencing. This will allow smaller and less financially strong clubs proper time to prepare their squads for the up and coming seasons.